The oceanographer and explorer comments on a photograph from the « 1 Ocean » exhibition.

« This image of humpback whales, soaring with gargantuan grace, symbolizes the fact that we are at a crossroads in time. As never before, we can see that a healthy, living ocean is as vital to us as it is to whales; like never before, we can take action that will ensure a prosperous future for everyone on the planet. Now is the time to make peace with the whales, with the ocean and between us. » Sylvia Earle

For the IUCN congress in Marseille, Marine & Oceans Magazine asked personalities who share our fascination with the Ocean to comment on the photos of the Marseille exhibition « 1 Ocean, the Anatomy »
Come and discover “1 Ocean, the Anatomy” in large format on the forecourt of Saint-Charles station in Marseille, until the end of October.