« 1 Ocean, The Anatomy » : A decade of exploration

For the next 10 years, we will explore this fascinating world to witness its beauty, the dangers that threaten it, and to meet the scientists who are working to understand and preserve it.

Why 1 Ocean, The Anatomy ?

Humans have made the Ocean their own. They divided it with invisible borders. We choose to name this project « 1 Ocean, The Anatomy », singular, to remind us of the abstract and meaningless notion of borders. The ocean is the origin of life, it is the climate regulator, essentiel for our survival.
The ocean is the link between men, a common good of Humanity that we must preserve.

While promoting the values of the UNESCO and the IOC, « 1Ocean, The Anatomy » wants to share with all and highlight the scientific work and results. With this project, we want to awake our sense of wonder by showing treasures of biodiversity, exceptional places which many are classified as world heritage.

More than a photographic project : a decade of exploration.

During ten years, my team and I will mobilize the most innovative ways to meet little-known marine ecosystems and the scientists who work for their preservation.

Thanks to the talent of dedicated divers who constantly push the limits of their discipline to reach unexplored depths, also thanks to a team of image and sound professionals, who combine technicity and creativity, we will capture images never seen before.

Explore, document, transmit : the 3 founding axes of these 10 years of work.

Each exploration will be the subject of a photographic production, video footage and interviews to produce documentary films, exhibitions and educational material.

Our goal : To allow as many people as possible to discover the wonders of the ocean, but also all the dangers that threaten it and the solutions available to protect it.

«  How to protect the ocean without studying it ? How to understand it without exploring ? Sharing and passing knowledge, raising awareness about this wonderful world without borders are among the key actions of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Through the photographic work of Alexis Rosenfeld, the project 1 Ocean, is the relay for policymakers, scientists and the general public, of the environmental concerns of UNESCO. « 1 Ocean, The Anatomy » is the ocean testimony for the decade to come. » 

Vladimir RYABININ, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission of UNESCO

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of Unesco and the Ocean Decade.

The UNESCO’s IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) facilitates international scientific cooperation to ensure that the best knowledge leads to the conservation and a sustainable management of our ocean and its resources. Since its creation in 1960, the IOC has given field expertise in every ocean basin to preserve the ocean’s health, coordinate observation systems, ensure the resilience of ecosystems in the face of climate change and continuously improve knowledge of new challenges linked to the Ocean.

The IOC has led the groundwork of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021 – 2030), thus mobilizing the scientific community, decision makers, businesses and civil enterprise around one common program of research and technological innovation for the good of our planet.

The Decade aims to spark a real revolution in the way that ocean science is conducted and used to improve human well-being and every life on earth by 2030.


« 1 Ocean, The Anatomy » , this is 1,000 unpublished photographs telling a story, each of which tells a story, a natural phenomenon, a biological curiosity, a fascinating ecosystem or a scientific project.

The photographic instant is the keystone of these stories, a stop in time of a hundredths of a second that tells the story of the Ocean and those who are committed to its preservation.