Alexis Rosenfeld


Alexis Rosenfeld discovered diving at the age of 8. He never stopped then, making the underwater world his universe. His journey allowed him to share Commander Cousteau’s last expedition in Madagascar, to follow a large part of the Comex epic and to participate in exceptional adventures such as the discovery of the wreckage of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s plane.

Explorer dazzled by the beauties and mysteries of the oceans, Alexis Rosenfeld has become, over the decades, an enlightened actor of the environmental cause. Because the oceans, refuges for biodiversity, are increasingly threatened by global warming, acidification phenomena, excessive mass tourism, fishing and maritime trade.

In 2018, Alexis Rosenfeld and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO initiated the beginning of their collaboration with the project Coral Reefs, a Challenge for Humanity.

Alexis Rosenfeld :

Claire Monchauzou


The underwater world has always attracted Claire.

At the age of 12 she passed her first diving level and this passion has continued to grow over the years.

After a first career in accounting, she decided to devote her life to her passion and to the protection of the environment.

Aware of the fragility of the world that amazes her, she joined many environmental associations and trained in the field.

What drives her? To share the beauty of the marine environments with as many people as possible and raise public awareness of the environmental cause. This is why she joined the team of “1 Ocean, the Anatomy” in 2021, to manage the partnerships and fundrising.

Claire Monchauzou : 

Charline Ody


For Charline, the sea is a family affair.

With an oceanologist father, former member of the Cousteau team and a sister who is a diver and scientist, her love of the sea was born in her early childhood and has continued to grow ever since. She first studied audiovisual arts, then her passion for nature and outdoor sports led her to work at Decathlon for 5 years. There, she worked hard to make her shop “greener” and more eco-responsible.

But the ecological emergency is felt at home and the need to act is the strongest … Indignant but optimistic, Charline leaves her job in 2020 to fully commit herself to ecology. After a 20-day boat mission in the Mediterranean with Alexis Rosenfeld’s team, she officially join the “1 Ocean, the Anatomy” project in June 2021 as a production assistant.

Charline Ody :

Julie Stojakovic


Animated since childhood by her desire to sicover the world, Julie is sensitive to the environement around her.

Following a first dive in the Mediterranean, she discovers a real passion for the underwater world. After studying geography for 3 years, Julie specializes in oceanography and marine ecology.

She meets the team “1 Ocean, the Anatomy” in French polynesia. A few months later, she joined the team as a study leader. What is important to her is to create a link between science and citizens, to make them discover the beauty of our ocean, but also its fragility.

Julie Stojakovic :

John Jackson


John Jackson is a cinematographer and director who studied film at the Brooke Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where he was recruited by the American office of The Cousteau Society. In many expeditions, he was the chief operator of Cousteau team, directing more than twenty-five films over a period of twelve years.

Since then, he has worked regularly as a chief operator and director for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and the main French channels, making scientific, historical, maritime and extreme adventure films. He has just finished shooting and co-directing the 3×52 minute 3D series “Ouragan” for Arte and 3D Net. And recently, “Conversation with the Dolphins” (65′ France 3 Thalassa CBC Canal D), “Cuba, un Paradis en sursis” (2 X 52′ ARTE).

Thomas Labourasse


Thomas grew up surrounded by Captain Cousteau’s team thanks to his father, Frédéric Labarousse, who was the director and DOP for Captain Cousteau. When you grow up surrounded by stories of such adventures, you feel responsible for this legacy.

The responsibility of discovering all the beauty that our unique planet carries. At the age of 18 he began his career working with John Jackson, director and DOP, with whom he worked on a multitude of wildlife films for Thalassa, Arte, Canal+, … Interspersed with studies in film technology (BTS Audiovisual), art history (Bachelor of Cinema) and documentary filmmaking (International Prague Film School), Thomas and John have never stopped working together.

Passionate about new technologies, licensed telepilot in several countries, he cherishes the combination of art and technology to give new perspectives and succeed in capturing the impossible.

Tom Rosenfeld


Born in Marseille of a photographer father and a journalist mother, Tom has been lulled since childhoos by the imagination of underwater worlds. He was four years old when his parents tool him for the first time diving with the whales off the island of Rurutu. This fascinating experience will later lead him to develop a special interest in the marine universe.

After studying sociology, Tom chose to turn to his passion : music. He starts composing for the image on short formats before integrating the “1 Ocean, the Anatomy” adventure.

He also participates in the writing of documentaries, taking charge of part of the research as well as the writing.

Tom Rosenfeld :

Titouan De Heaulme


After traveling by sailboat for 2 years, Titouan did most of his education in Tahiti, so he has always been close to the ocean. It was during this period that he developed a real interest in the audiovisual sector and chose to pursue his higher education in this field. He then returned to Bordeaux, his birthplace, to study as an image technician.

His sens of adventure and his interest in exploring the seabed led him to join the “1 Ocean, the Anatomy” adventure as soon as the opportunity arose.

Titouan De Heaulme :

Charlotte Blan

With a master’s degree in environmental sciences, Charlotte is passionate about discovering natural environments and their wildlife. By combining multimedia and new technologies with science, Charlotte has been able to transmit her passion to as many people as possible.

Project manager at GEOM, she has produced a collection of DVD-Roms on the underwater world, mainlyfor educational purposes, which have won several award at international festivals.

Co-founder of OCEANICA Prod. Charlotte is involved in various study projects about terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Living in the heart of the Caribbean, Charlotte collaborates on projects around the world and diversifies her skills throughout encounters, in the scientific and multimedia fields.

Charlotte Blan :